Amy Saunders

Freelance content strategist, writer and editor
Phoenix, AZ
Freelance content strategist, writer and editor @amyksaunders


Amy Saunders

I'm a content marketer who gets both the content and the marketing. As a reporter and editor turned marketer and business owner, I create blog posts, e-books, website copy, emails, and social posts that simultaneously serve business goals and actual people.

I built the foundation of my career as a reporter at The Columbus Dispatch, where I was named best feature writer in Ohio by the Associated Press. Since then, I've worked for a leading content marketing agency, where I wrote and edited health care content for hospital systems, and for the SaaS company Infusionsoft, where I focused on digital marketing advice for small business owners. I bring those strategies to life in overseeing marketing for Strolleria, the baby-gear retailer that my husband and I started in 2016.

Whether I'm writing about technology, health, strollers or anything in between, I translate complex topics into engaging content that helps people make sense of the world around them.