Amy Saunders

Freelance content strategist, writer and editor

Phoenix, AZ

Amy Saunders

Freelance content strategist, writer and editor


The Untold Story of the First Woman to Fly Around the World

Jerrie Mock was an Ohio housewife when she accomplished what Amelia Earhart failed to do.
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Life after death

Near-death experiences: five people who returned from death to change their lives.
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Family bonding, the hard way

A mother and daughter repair their relationship through a Girl Scouts troop — in prison.
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The Many Faces of the Patient

The stories of four survivors reflect how the role of the patient is evolving alongside science.
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25 Things Every Small Business Should Automate

Marketing automation is everywhere, and it's not only for big companies anymore.
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In the Pipeline

A small business guide to keeping, converting and closing more leads with sales automation.
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2017 Small Business Trends Report

The state of small business marketing in 2017, based on a survey of 1,000 entrepreneurs.
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The Small Business Guide to Capturing Leads

Any small business can use a lead magnet to collect and convert leads.
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Generating Leads with Facebook Live

Facebook Live isn't a fad. How small businesses can use the platform strategically.
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Stroller Buying Guide

An in-depth guide explaining one of the biggest purchases for new parents: the stroller.
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How to Embrace Change and Unlock Your Firm's Potential

Accounting firms can better serve clients in less time with technology.
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How Scottsdale became a worldwide destination for gender reassignment surgery.
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Amy Saunders

I'm a content marketer who gets both the content and the marketing. As a reporter and editor turned marketer and business owner, I create blog posts, e-books, website copy, emails, and social posts that simultaneously serve business goals and actual people.

I built the foundation of my career as a reporter at The Columbus Dispatch, where I was named best feature writer in Ohio by the Associated Press. Since then, I've worked for a leading content marketing agency, where I wrote and edited health care content for hospital systems, and for the SaaS company Infusionsoft, where I focused on digital marketing advice for small business owners. I bring those strategies to life in overseeing marketing for Strolleria, the baby-gear retailer that my husband and I started in 2016.

Whether I'm writing about technology, health, strollers or anything in between, I translate complex topics into engaging content that helps people make sense of the world around them.